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Streamline your influencer marketing strategy  with Embold

Canada's comprehensive and reliable influencer marketing solution for brands and agencies.

Manage Influencers
Trusted by thousands of Canadian brands and influencers

Embold helps you engage customers through Canadian micro-influencers.

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Curated Network of Influencers

Gain direct access to our meticulously curated network of 9,000+ Canadian influencers. From micro to macro-influencers, we've got the range that suits your campaign objectives.

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Drive impact and engagements

Activate influencers in your target markets or target regions and create high-impact campaigns. Build real and meaningful relationships with your customers.

Increase sales, brand affinity, and ROI

Reaching young Canadians is harder than ever. Traditional media and online advertising are no longer effective for reaching Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials.

Here is how Embold measures up against the industry average:

Lower cost
More engagement

Launch your influencer marketing strategy with Embold

Embold has built the ultimate influencer marketing platform to run campaigns that drive real results for Canadian advertisers.

Automation to optimize your time and budget

Embold's technology automates and streamlines your campaigns to maximize your budget in every campaign. Save hours and outperform the industry average using our tools and technology.

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Quality influencers

Access and filter through 9,000+ Canadian influencers to find the influencers with direct reach to your target customers.

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Campaign suite

Access tools to manage each part of the campaign management journey seamlessly.

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Reporting dashboard

Track the success of your campaign and view all of its analytics, then assess the impact and scale what works.

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Content management

Review and monitor all of the content created for your campaign with an easy interface.

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Easy communication

Connect and collaborate with influencers directly on the Embold platform with hassle-free direct messaging.

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Payouts simplified

Save your team hours of tracking payments, invoicing, and bank payments with Embold Payouts.

Built for advertisers of all sizes

We've got the team, the technology, and the influencer talent to support your dynamic advertising needs. See how Embold can support your business needs today.

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Launch your influencer strategy with minimal work using our Influencer Marketing Platform 

The Embold influencer marketing platform gives you all the tools you need to build and manage engaging influencer campaigns.

The ultimate influencer platform for Canadian brands

Get access to the technology and talent you need to kickstart your influencer marketing strategy.


Find and recruit influencers

Leverage our roster of influencers to find high quality content creators who can reach and engage your target audience with ease.


Build and manage campaigns

Use the management suite to maximize your budget. Communicate efficiently & manage content in one place.


View reporting and payouts

Monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns with our reporting tools and pay influencers with a few clicks.

See what others have to say

Impact-driven results and ease of use are some of the reasons our customers rely on Embold for all their influencer marketing needs.

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Matthew Turner
Marketing director

Partnering with Embold has been a game-changer for Monolith Marketing's influencer marketing campaigns. Their advanced platform and extensive influencer network have enabled us to find the perfect brand ambassadors across various industries.

Michelle Rajzyngier
Monolith Marketing Agency
Account Manager

We looked at three micro-influencer companies and Embold definitely came out top with their 5-Star customer service and user-friendly software platform that made it very easy for us to select the best influencers.

Lily Woods
Marketing Manager

Embold's influencer marketing services significantly elevated our campaign performance. With their advanced targeting and deep analytics, we saw an uptick in engagement and conversions. They've become an essential partner in our journey.

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Andy Smith
Marketer at Facebook

The results from beginning to end, thanks to Embold and our four selected influencers, were outstanding.... increased awareness, increased followers and increased sales!

Will Miller
Sales manager

Embold platform gives me the opportunity to partner with amazing brands. Campaigns are organized in a user-friendly way and I love working with brands that I'm aligned with.

Diana Ashuayem

Working with the Embold team was seamless and well organized. Content requirements were made clear, and any questions I had along the way were answered quickly via the open lines of communication.

BJ Barone

Their advanced targeting capabilities and in-depth analytics resulted in increased engagement and conversions. As a result, Embold has become an indispensable partner on our journey

Andy Smith
Marketer at Facebook

Launch an influencer strategy with minimal work using Managed Campaigns 

The Embold campaign management team will do all of the heavy lifting while keeping you engaged to ensure your campaign is seamlessly launched.

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