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Join over 9,000 Canadian influencers on our platform and start monetizing your talent through brands you love!

Trusted by hundreds of Canadian brands and agencies

Built for Canadian influencers

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Stress free

We take the stress of cold emailing and pitching brands by bringing collaborations to you.

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Clear compensation

We have simplified influencer compensation and guaranteed payouts for every campaign.

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Simplified tools

We have built the tools to reduce your workload and simplify each collaboration.

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Brand affinity

Only work with brands you are passionate about and take on campaigns that align with you.

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Influencer first

Influencers are at the heart of our platform, and we have built our processes to suit your needs.

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Email tracking

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Influencer requirements

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Local, micro, and macro influencers

Embold works with Canadian influencers on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube that have 1,000+ followers and high engagement.

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Authentic and quality audiences

We require influencers to have the highest quality of followers and meaningful relationships with their audience.

Why sign up for Embold

Average influencer payout per campaign in 2023
4% - 12%
usual engagement of our influencers
Canadian micro influencers
Campaign completion rate

Brand collaborations made easy


Create your account

We have a filtered roster of local and micro influencers. Each profile is analyzed and approved before joining our network.


Receive campaign offers

Our team works with advertisers to send you the most relevant campaigns for your audience.


Create content and get paid

Create content for the campaign and share it with your audience, and once it's completed, your payment is processed!

What our influencers say

We value our influencers and ensure we bring them quality collaborations. Don’t take our word for it, see what our influencers have to say about Embold.

Embold is a great discovery to me! It provided new collaborations and really proposed an easy way to communicate. They are a great ally and I really appreciated working with them!

Roxane M.

I've loved my experience working with Embold. They have provided me with countless opportunities to work and collaborate with brands. They are true professionals that care about their influencers.

Ellycia H.

Working with Embold has been such a pleasure, it has been a great way to get connected with some of my favourite brands, create amazing content and accelerate my creator career.

Valerie L.

Embold platform gives me the opportunity to partner with amazing brands. Campaigns are organized in a user-friendly way and I love working with brands that I'm aligned with.

Diana A.

Working with Embold opened up opportunities for me to work with new clients in an organized and fun way. If you’re a photographer or Social Media Influencer looking for work you need to be on Embold!

Josh M.

I had a wonderful experience working with Embold. The campaign briefs are clear and the teams communication is one of the best I have seen so far they look after both the creators and the clients.

Sharifa S.

I have had a great experience working with the managers from Embold. The managers are pleasant to work with and our communication was timely and efficient.

Chuoro L.

Frequently asked questions

Do I get to choose which brands I promote?

Absolutely! As an influencer on the Embold platform, you have full control over the brands you choose to promote. We believe in empowering you to make decisions that align with your personal brand and values. You can browse through various campaign opportunities and select the ones that resonate with you, ensuring authenticity and a genuine connection with your audience.

What is the cost for influencers?

As an influencer, there is no cost for using our services. Embold is completely free for influencers to join and participate in campaigns. Our revenue comes from charging a service fee to advertisers for facilitating the campaigns and providing them with our comprehensive influencer marketing platform so you can enjoy the benefits and opportunities without any financial burden!

Who owns the content from the campaigns?

At Embold, influencers retain full ownership of the content they create for each campaign. You have complete rights to the content you produce, allowing you to maintain control and creative ownership. In some cases, brands may express interest in purchasing the rights to reuse the content. If such situations arise, rates and terms for content reuse will be negotiated directly between you and the brand, ensuring a fair and mutually beneficial agreement. Your content, your ownership, and your potential for additional opportunities!

Can I work with other brands outside of Embold?

While working with Embold, you are free to collaborate with other brands outside of our platform. We understand and support your desire to explore various partnerships and opportunities. However, to ensure fairness and avoid conflicts of interest, we kindly request that you refrain from promoting a direct competitor within a 30-day window before or after an Embold campaign. This helps to maintain the integrity of the campaigns and ensures that both you and the brands you collaborate with receive the best possible outcomes.

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