Help your clients build and launch an influencer strategy

Embold helps agencies launch successful influencer marketing strategies for clients with ease.

Trusted by hundreds of Canadian brands and agencies

Streamlining the process for agencies to offer influencer marketing solutions

We understand agencies and built technology to help offer influencer marketing solutions to their clients.

Agency partner program

Join our Agency partnership program and discover exclusive benefits. Enjoy revenue-sharing opportunities, preferred pricing on campaigns, and advanced tools.

Generate revenue and grow your accounts

Your clients are already looking into influencer marketing solutions. Embold helps your agency create a strong offering and generate more revenue.

Built for Canadian agencies

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Comprehensive platform

Our platform simplifies and streamlines the entire campaign process.

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Curated influencer network

Gain access to our curated network of 9,000+ Canadian micro-influencers.

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Expertise and guidance

Our team of influencer marketing experts is dedicated to supporting your agency's success.

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All-in-one solution

Embold has the tech and talent to support you in every step of your campaign.

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Affordable campaigns

Our team uses technology to make campaigns accessible and affordable to all advertisers.

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Trusted by leading brands

Partnering with us means aligning your agency with a trusted and reputable influencer platform.

The Embold advantage

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Run local and niche campaigns

With over 9,000 Canadian influencers on the platform, you can help your clients run highly targeted campaigns at any scale.

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Brand safety at every step

Each piece of content goes through a review process to ensure the messaging is aligned with your client's goals and objectives.

How to get your agency started with Embold

Your next team lunch is on Embold!

Learn everything you need to know about influencer marketing while enjoying a lunch on us. Request an Embold-hosted lunch.

Pitch clients with Embold

Embold can prepare proposals, case studies, and influencer samples to help you pitch influencer marketing strategies to your clients.

Book a team demo to see the Embold platform

Allow our team to show you how the Embold platform can work for you and your clients. Book a demo today.

Designed with all agencies in mind

Embold works with agencies of all sizes and focuses to help their clients launch highly successful influencer marketing strategies.

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National agencies

Agencies that support the industry leading brands.

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Regional agencies

Our focus on localized influencers help you run campaigns at any scale.

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Industry focused agencies

We have worked with clients in most niches to help them scale.

Launch an influencer strategy with minimal work using Managed Campaigns 

The Embold campaign management team will do all of the heavy lifting while keeping you engaged to ensure your campaign is seamlessly launched.

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