Influencer marketing for Canadian advertisers, made easy

Embold enables Canadian advertisers and marketers to access tools you need to build and manage successful influencer marketing campaigns within minutes.

Working with influencers should be as easy as buying a Facebook or Google ad

Now it is, with Embold.

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Technology made accessible

Stop paying thousands of dollars a month in subscription fees. Embold is Canada's most accessible influencer marketing solution.

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Onboarding and support at every step

You don't need to be an expert marketer to start working with influencers. With Embold, get a complete onboarding and the support you need.

Powerful technology to help marketers succeed

We work with thousands of influencers and use our expertise to build and continuously improve the influencer marketing platform that supports your needs.

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Influencer discovery

Find the right influencers to reach customers with our easy-to-use search engine.

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Campaign management

Review influencer applications, negotiate with influencers, and manage logistics within the platform.

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Content management

Review and manage all of the content submissions for your campaign in one place.

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Streamlined communication

Connect, communicate, and collaborate directly with influencers within the Embold platform.

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Complete reporting

View and monitor the performance of your campaign using our reporting dashboard and tools.

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Influencer payouts

Stop spending hours invoicing influencers and gathering payment details. Pay influencers with ease through the platform.

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Launch your influencer strategy with minimal work using our Influencer Marketing Platform 

The Embold influencer marketing platform gives you all the tools you need to build and manage engaging influencer campaigns.