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Embold gives Canadian marketers access to tools needed to build and manage successful influencer marketing campaigns.

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Find and connect with quality Canadian influencers

Influencer search and discovery

Search from our roster of over 9,000+ vetted Canadian influencers on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

Access complete profile data and analytics

Embold collects complete content and profile analytics allowing you to analyze each influencer before engaging them.


Streamline your collaborations

Build campaigns with ease

Our campaign creation portal makes it easy for marketers to build customized campaigns in minutes.

Manage influencers and content in one place

Our campaign hub makes it easy for advertisers to manage influencers, streamline communications and review content submissions.


Complete reporting and financials

Analyze campaign performance

Get complete campaign analytics to measure the performance of your campaign and scale what is working. Understand which content, influencer or messaging is working best.

Streamlined campaign financials

Stop spending hours invoicing influencers and gathering payment details. Pay influencers with ease through the platform.

Making collaborations easy

Embold offers different types of campaigns to align with your experience, objectives and budget.

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Smart Campaigns

Easy to launch campaigns with influencer recruiting, negotiation and communications managed by Embold.

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User-Generated Content (UGC)

Content-only campaigns help you collaborate with creators to create engaging content for your brand.

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Gifted Campaigns

Provide products and experiences to influencers in exchange for content or organic collaborations.

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Allow our team to provide you a one-on-one demo of our platform and explore how it can fit with your influencer marketing needs.

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