Reach your customers and drive impact with Managed Campaigns

Embold helps advertisers reach Canadian consumers with quality, data-driven campaigns. Each campaign is designed to drive results and can fit within any budget.

Trusted by hundreds of Canadian brands and agencies

The leading influencer marketing solution in Canada

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Dedicated experts for each campaign

As your extended influencer team, we craft tailored strategies, meticulously identify influencers, and execute campaigns that engage your target audiences.

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Built to reach local and niche audiences

We focus on engaging influencers in your key markets allowing us to run highly localized campaigns that can scale with your needs.

Making influencer marketing accessible by eliminating:

High agency fees, lengthy contracts and subscription fees

Campaign management over spreadsheets and emails

Hours spent on social media trying to find the right influencers

Poor and irrelevant content that does not engage customers

Customized solutions built for your business needs

Embold works with your team to build a customized campaign brief to launch a campaign that will deliver on your business objectives.

We build campaigns that suit your needs and fit your budget. Start at any level and scale what works.

End to end campaign management

Our team offers complete campaign management to help you launch an influencer strategy without adding extra work to your plate.

Our technology gives you complete visibility into your campaign and allows you to stay engaged along the way.

Complete reporting and financial management

Get a complete report to help you measure the success of your campaign.

Our financial management tools save you hours by streamlining influencer payouts.

The Embold campaign management process is built around the needs of brands and agencies

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Brand safety

All content goes through a quality control and approval process to ensure your brand is protected.

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Roster management

We use influencer profile analytics to find the most suitable influencers for your campaign.

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Planning and strategy

We work with your team to understand your goals and build a solution that works for you.

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Live in 3 weeks

With Embold, your team can have an influencer campaign live in 3 weeks!

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Affordable campaigns

Our team uses technology to make campaigns accessible and affordable to all advertisers.

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Complete reporting

We monitor the performance of your campaign so you can calculate your return on investment.

Create your campaign today


Build your campaign

Work with the Embold team to build a campaign brief that captures your objectives and find influencers who meet your requirements.


Manage influencers and content

Embold will work to manage the influencers in your campaign and negotiate compensation and deliverables to ensure the content aligns with your campaign objectives.


Deliver the content and report on results

The Embold campaign management team will ensure the campaign goes live exactly as planned and will compile a detailed report for your team to review your campaign's impact.

Built for your needs

Our team works with advertisers in many industries and has the knowledge and expertise to build highly effective campaigns for your brand.

Beauty & Makeup

Showcasing beauty and makeup brands through original content.

Food & Beverage

Attract new customers and reach local foodies with engaging influencers.

Home & Garden

Highlight communities, showrooms and drive leads through local influencers.


Acquire users, launch new products and engage your target customers.

Social Causes

Convey key messages and drive impact through localized campaigns.


Accelerating automotive brands with influencers that fuel engagement and product visibility.

Launch an influencer strategy with minimal work using Managed Campaigns 

The Embold campaign management team will do all of the heavy lifting while keeping you engaged to ensure your campaign is seamlessly launched.

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