Smart Campaigns make influencer marketing accessible

Smart Campaigns help advertisers launch an influencer marketing campaign for as little as $29 CAD.

Trusted by hundreds of Canadian brands and agencies

Built to launch world-class influencer marketing campaigns

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Don't pay thousands of dollars in subscription fees. Start today for as little as $29 CAD.

We've made influencer marketing efficient and accessible. You can build an influencer marketing strategy while driving exceptional ROI.

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Work with thousands of high quality Canadian micro influencers.

Embold has built a roster of 9,000+ Canadian micro influencers allowing you to collaborate in minutes!

How it works

Smart Campaigns helps advertisers launch successful influencer campaigns with a few clicks.

1. Build Campaign Brief
Build your campaign brief, select the number of influencers and deliverables for your campaign.

2. Review Influencers within 24 - 48 Hours
Influencers are invited and apply to join your campaigns. Your team can carefully review each application to select the most ideal influencers for your campaign.

3. Review and Approve Content
Approved influencers create content for your brand and submit it for review on the platform. Your team can review, provide feedback and approve content in one place.

Built for Canadian advertisers

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Curated influencer roster

With Embold you can engage influencers who have a direct reach to your customers.

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Brand safety in every step

We understand the importance of protecting your brand, so we created an advanced content review & approval process.

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Reporting and payouts

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign and pay influencers with a few clicks.

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Guaranteed pricing

With our campaign pricing model, we guarantee the price for each campaign at checkout. No hidden fees or surprises later.

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Content management

Save hours reviewing content and giving influencers feedback with Embold content management tools.

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Simplified invoicing

Pay one invoice instead of having to transact with and pay dozens of influencers individually.

Launch an influencer strategy with minimal work using Managed Campaigns 

The Embold campaign management team will do all of the heavy lifting while keeping you engaged to ensure your campaign is seamlessly launched.

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