Aug 4, 2023

The Different Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns (and how to pick the right one)!

Learn about the different types of influencer marketing campaigns and how you can decide which one is right for your brand.

The Different Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns (and how to pick the right one)!

I. Introduction

II. The Power of Influencer Marketing

III. Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns and How to Customize Them to Your Goals

  1. Brand Awareness Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  2. Product Launch Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  3. Lead generation Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  4. Event Promotion Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  5. User Acquisition Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  6. Conversion Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  7. Brand ambassadorship Influencer Marketing Campaigns
  8. Social Good Influencer Marketing Campaigns

IV. Key Objectives for Different Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The different types of influencer marketing campaigns (and how to pick the right one!)

In today's digital world, businesses are constantly on the lookout for the most effective ways to connect with their audiences. Every business is competing not only with each other, but also with algorithms, for the attention of their target audience.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that gained tremendous momentum in the past few years because of its high engagement potential. At its core, influencer marketing leverages the power of popular individuals who have built substantial followings on social media platforms. These influencers are seen as trusted sources of advice or recommendations, and when they promote a product or a service, their followers listen.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in particular can immensely benefit from this innovative marketing because, as an SMB, finding your voice in the saturated market can be a daunting challenge, and influencer marketing can provide the boost your brand needs to cut through the noise and get noticed.

But when it comes to influencer marketing, one size does not fit all.

Not all influencer marketing campaigns are created equal. From our experience mentoring and managing clients’ campaigns for over five years, we learned that the success of a campaign largely hinges on choosing the right type of influencer marketing for your industry and business needs. 

Stay with us as we explain the power behind the different types of influencer marketing campaigns and guide you on how to pick the right one for your business. You’ll soon see that influencer marketing could be the game-changer you need to take your business to the next level.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Using the potential of influencer marketing can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and credibility in ways traditional marketing simply can't. 

Consider how by partnering with the right influencer, your brand message can be conveyed more organically than through traditional advertising by lending an authentic voice to your business. As an influencer showcases your product or service and how they bring value to their lives in realtime, your brand benefits from enhanced visibility, increased trust, and a boosted reputation with little investment on your end.

The recent data on influencer marketing is equally impressive. According to recent studies, the influencer marketing industry is set to reach $15 billion by 2025, doubling its worth in just five years. Moreover, businesses are reportedly making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, showcasing the impressive ROI that this new-age marketing tool can generate.

With such trends, it's clear that influencer marketing isn't just a passing fad. It's a powerful strategy that's here to stay, evolving in tune with our digital-first era. Whether you're an emerging start-up or a small but growing company, aligning your business with the right influencer can bring your brand into the spotlight, drive conversions, and solidify your position in the market. 

Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns and How to Customize Them to Your Goals

Now, let’s unpack the various types of influencer marketing campaigns and explore some practical examples of each. Each type of campaign will also have a goals list template at the end of this article that you can customize to your goals and help kickstart your campaign planning.

  1. Brand Awareness Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Increasing brand awareness is crucial for businesses of all sizes, but especially for SMEs trying to break into a competitive market. These campaigns elevate your brand visibility and recognition among potential customers. Influencers can introduce your brand to their followers, highlighting your unique selling points and brand values. 

For instance, a small organic skincare brand might partner with a beauty influencer who shares the brand's ethos and has a follower base that aligns with their target demographic. The influencer could share posts using the skincare products, explaining what makes the brand unique, ethical, and worth trying.

  1. Product Launch Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Launching a new product or service? Influencers can help generate excitement and anticipation among their followers through product demos, reviews, or unboxing videos, where the influencer demonstrates the unique value proposition of your new offering. 

Consider a small tech company launching a new app. They could collaborate with tech influencers to create a series of videos or posts, revealing key features of the app, and perhaps even providing a sneak peek or exclusive access to their followers before the official launch.

  1. Lead Generation Influencer Marketing Campaigns

These campaigns focus on driving potential customers into your sales funnel efficiently and with little investment. An influencer could share a promotional code, special offer, or direct link to your website or landing page, enticing their followers to explore your offerings.

For example, a small fitness brand could provide an influencer with a unique promo code for their followers, offering a discount on their first purchase. Not only does this incentivize potential customers, but it also allows the brand to track the success of the campaign.

  1. Event Promotion Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Hosting an event, be it a webinar, product launch, or workshop, can get a significant boost in attendance through an influencer's shout-out or even attendance. By sharing your event details, influencers can help drive their followers to attend, making the event more successful. They could also help increase the attendees’ excitement and anticipation for the event even after they made their decision to attend the event.

Consider a medium-sized marketing agency hosting a digital marketing seminar. They could invite a renowned marketing influencer as a speaker and have them promote the event on their platforms, thereby increasing interest and curiosity about the event and attracting a larger audience.

  1. User Acquisition Influencer Marketing Campaigns

If you're aiming to increase user registrations or downloads for an app or online platform, influencers can effectively encourage their followers to join. They can share their personal experience using your platform and highlight its advantages.

For example, a small ed-tech company with a learning app could partner with education influencers. These influencers can provide a walkthrough of the app, discussing its benefits and encouraging their followers to download and try it.

  1. Conversion Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Conversion influencer campaigns focus on driving sales or conversions involving the influencer endorsing your product or service and providing a clear call-to-action. These campaigns can be incredibly effective when the influencer's audience aligns well with your target demographic.

For instance, a boutique clothing brand could send their latest line to a fashion influencer, who then models the clothes, shares their thoughts, and directs followers to the brand’s online store to shop the new collection.

  1. Brand Ambassadorship Influencer Marketing Campaigns

In brand ambassador campaigns, an influencer becomes a long-term spokesperson for your brand. This partnership provides repeated exposure of your brand to the influencer's audience, fostering trust and reinforcing your brand message over time.

A small gourmet coffee brand, for example, might form a long-term partnership with a popular lifestyle influencer. The influencer would regularly feature the brand's products in their content, consistently driving traffic to the coffee brand's website over time and building brand recognition within their audience.

  1. Social Good Influencer Marketing Campaigns

For brands that align themselves with social causes, influencers can help highlight your charitable efforts or eco-friendly products. This not only helps in building a positive brand image but also attracts customers who value corporate social responsibility.

Suppose a medium-sized business has initiated a tree-planting campaign for every product sold. They could partner with environmentally conscious influencers to spread the word about this initiative, attracting like-minded consumers.

Key Objectives for Different Influencer Marketing Campaigns

To help you visualize your next campaign, determine what needs to be done to achieve its goals, and track the campaign’s progress, we’ve created lists with the most common and important goals to optimize each campaign for. Customize the lists with your own goals and share them with your team (and even with your selected influencers!) to set the tone for each campaign.

Key Goals for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

A Brand Awareness Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Increase our brand recognition, reach, and exposure
  • Increase our target audience’s engagement with our branded content
  • Deliver our brand values and personality through the influencers’ creative and effective storytelling
  • Capture the attention and interest of our target audience 
  • Create a spotlight effect on our brand to reduce noise from our competitors
  • …add another Brand Awareness goal here

A Product Launch Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Educate our target audiences about the features, benefits, and unique selling points of the new product
  • Showcase our product's value proposition and how it solves a problem or fulfills a need
  • Leverage social proof and testimonials from influencers to help build our product’s credibility and trust
  • Provide honest influencer and user feedback, reviews, and endorsements we can use to improve our product and market it in the future
  • Encourage our target audiences to take action and make a purchase
  • …add another Product Launch goal here

A Lead Generation Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Drive audiences to take actions related to our [x business goals]
  • Capture and collect user information and relevant data that we need for [x]
  • Increase conversions from interested prospects to paying customers
  • Increase our return on investment 
  • Significantly Reduce our cost per lead in the long run
  • …add another Lead Generation goal here

An Event Promotion Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Target audiences who are interested in our event or have a high likelihood of attending it
  • Showcase our event, its key features, and the value we offer to potential attendees
  • Generate pre-event hype and engagement
  • Drive ticket sales and registrations and convert followers into event attendees
  • Leverage the influencer's word-of-mouth influence to create social proof and increase the audience’s likelihood of attendance
  • Gather post-event feedback to improve our future events
  • Foster anticipation in our target audiences for future events
  • …add another Event Promotion goal here

Our Conversion Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Harness the trust and influence of our chosen influencer to motivate our target audience to make a purchase
  • Convert interested followers into paying customers through exclusive influencer-led promotions or discount codes
  • Utilize influencer-generated content to showcase the tangible benefits of our products or services, thus inspiring conversions
  • Drive repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty by delivering a high-quality customer experience, made more compelling with the influencer's endorsement
  • Strengthen our brand's sales funnel by effectively transforming brand awareness and interest into decisive purchasing actions
  • Continuously refine our marketing strategies based on conversion data, creating a more effective and efficient customer acquisition process
  • …add another Conversion goal here

A User Acquisition Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Leverage the influencer's credibility and authority to attract new users to our brand, product, or service
  • Employ compelling calls-to-action in influencer content to encourage their followers to engage with our brand or download our app
  • Utilize unique promotional codes or referral links to track the number of new users gained from the influencer campaign
  • Inspire user-generated content that helps to create a community around our brand and attract additional users
  • Foster a sense of exclusivity or early access, making the acquisition more attractive to potential users
  • Enhance our brand's growth by continuously expanding our user base and cultivating relationships with these new users
  • …add another User Acquisition goal here

A Brand Ambassadorship  Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Create a long-term partnership with an influencer who genuinely resonates with our brand and can authentically represent us to their followers
  • Enhance our brand's credibility and trustworthiness through consistent influencer endorsements and promotions
  • Foster a sense of brand loyalty among the influencer's followers, leading to more sustained engagement and consistent sales
  • Amplify our brand's reach and influence by having a reputable figure consistently advocating for our products or services
  • Showcase our brand values, story, and mission through the influencer's content, creating a deeper emotional connection with the audience
  • Establish our brand as a top choice in our industry, by leveraging the influencer's authority and their followers' trust in their recommendations.
  • …add another Brand Ambassadorship goal here

A Social Good  Influencer Marketing campaign will:

  • Raise awareness and educate people about a social or environmental issue
  • Enhance our brand reputation and demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Inspire individuals to take action and make a positive difference
  • Generate financial support for our non-profit or charity or for other that we support
  • Create a sense of community engagement and collaboration towards a common goal
  • Facilitate long-term relationships between our brand, our influencers, and non-profit organizations we collaborate with
  • Combine our and the influencers’ resources and expertise to influence policy change and advocate for social justice issues
  • Create a lasting and sustainable impact like changing attitudes, influencing behaviors, and fostering a culture of social responsibility and empathy within our target audience
  • …add another Social Good goal here

Remember that the potential of influencer marketing is only growing, and the sooner you begin, the sooner your brand can become an industry leader. Take advantage of the low investment and high returns of influencer marketing today, and sign up to the Embold platform to launch your first campaign with a click of a button (yes, Embold makes it that simple!).

For more detailed information on different strategies, examples of content to create, metrics and KPIs, and more related to different types of campaigns, access our strategy guide or reach out to us to set up a call where we can answer your questions in real-time.

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