Aug 28, 2023

Embold Releases Influencer Roster Feature to Easily Manage Influencers Across Campaigns

Embold Upgrades Their Platform With A Feature to Manage Your Roster of Influencers

Embold Releases Influencer Roster Feature to Easily Manage Influencers Across Campaigns

In the ever-changing world of influencer marketing, inventiveness is paramount for brands and agencies seeking to connect with their target audience effectively. Embold’s mission is to simplify and automate the influencer marketing process for any brand looking to reach its marketing goals. Embold is staying true to this mission by introducing its advanced new Influencer Roster/List feature that takes the complexity out of influencer campaign management, allowing brands to streamline their collaborations seamlessly.

Embold’s Influencer Roster enhances the influencer selection process by preparing you for your current and future campaigns all at once while saving you time and energy. 

Influencer Roster capabilities:

Brands can now save influencers they’ve collaborated with in the past into separate lists on the platform making it effortless to revisit and reconnect with proven partners. Finding your brand's network of trusted influencers that have successfully represented your brand before has never been easier allowing you to keep building relationships that resonate. 

Embold's Influencer Roster enables brands to create a dedicated roster of influencers, facilitating faster and more targeted campaign partnerships. The Influencer Roster centralizes your potential influencer pool and expedites the invitation process for upcoming campaigns. No more searching through endless lists—simply consult your Influencer Roster and kickstart your campaign efficiently.

Managing a large pool of influencers becomes an effortless endeavour. Brands and agencies can now segment their Influencer Roster into distinct sections, tailoring campaigns to different types of influencers. Whether it's micro-influencers for brand awareness or ambassadors for ongoing campaigns, the ability to create and manage specialized influencer categories allows for hyper-focused strategies for all your marketing needs. 

About Embold 

Embold is a Canadian influencer marketing platform, committed to making influencer marketing accessible to all advertisers. With a community of over 9,000 Canadian influencers, Embold facilitates genuine connections between advertisers and millions of Canadians. To learn more about Embold and their free plan, visit

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