Jan 31, 2024

Instagram's New Flipside Feature: Becoming an Influencer Just Got Easier

Instagram is testing a new feature called "Flipside". Learn more about how it can help influencers here!

Instagram's New Flipside Feature: Becoming an Influencer Just Got Easier

Instagram remains at the forefront of social media continually experimenting with and introducing features that enhance user engagement and content creation. One of its latest updates that it is currently testing is called Flipside.

What is Flipside?

Instagram's Flipside feature offers users a unique dual-account functionality within their primary account. This feature allows for the seamless management of two distinct content streams – one for the public and another for a more intimate circle, typically close friends. The brilliance of Flipside lies in its simplicity; with just a few taps, users can switch between their public persona and more private engagement space, each with its own stories, posts, and profile pictures.

Simplifies Content Creation 

Flipside's introduction is a game-changer for anyone aspiring to become an influencer. This feature democratizes the process by eliminating the need for multiple accounts or platforms to separate personal content from public influencer content. With Flipside, influencers can maintain their personal connections and share private moments with close friends while curating a public profile designed to attract brands and a broader audience.

Ease of Content Segmentation

Flipside plays a pivotal role in enabling users to segment their content seamlessly. It ensures that content tailored for close friends remains distinct, safeguarding the influencer's brand or public persona. This capability empowers influencers to experiment with diverse content, gather feedback from trusted circles, and fine-tune their public posts for better resonance with their target audience. Particularly beneficial for creators, Flipside counters the current trend where social media algorithms push creators to consistently post similar content to maintain engagement. It provides a dedicated space for creators to diverge from their usual content without compromising their engagement metrics.

Building a Personal Brand

Personal branding is at the heart of influencer success. Flipside enables users to craft and hone their public image meticulously while retaining a space for personal interactions. This dual functionality is essential in an era where authenticity and relatability are as valuable as the content itself. Influencers can showcase a polished, brand-aligned persona to the world while still engaging in genuine, unfiltered interactions with their inner circle.

Key Takeaway

Becoming an Influencer has never been easier! Offering a straightforward way to manage public and private personas, Flipside empowers users to pursue influencer aspirations without compromising your personal connections.

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