How to Submit Campaign Analytics

Step-by-step instructions for influencers on how to submit campaign analytics to Embold

When you create content for a campaign, sharing the analytics with the brand is a crucial step to ensure that you get paid for your participation in the campaign. Follow these steps to submit your campaign analytics through Embold:

  1. Capture Your Analytics: 72 hours after your post has gone live, find your analytics on the platform where you posted (TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram). Take screenshots of all the analytics; this may require multiple images.
  2. Log In to Embold: Access your Embold account, and in the top navigation bar, select "My Campaign."
  3. Choose Your Campaign: Under the "Active" tab, select the current campaign you're working on.
  4. Navigate to Submissions: Click on "Submissions," then select "Submit Analytics."
Campaign Page to Navigate to Submissions
  1. Upload Your Screenshots: Add the screenshots of the analytics from Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, and click "Submit Content." Please note that in order for your analytics to save, you must have submitted content already.
Analytics Submissions Tab with Analytics Uploaded

  1. Confirmation: You are now all set to submit your campaign analytics!

By following these steps, you ensure that the brand receives the valuable insights they need from your campaign.

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