Brand Awareness Influencer Campaigns

Brand Awareness Influencer Campaigns

Boost brand recognition with captivating influencer content that showcases your brand's identity and values.

About Brand Awareness Influencer Campaigns

Brand Awareness campaigns are long-term strategies that require consistent messaging and repetition to reinforce the brand in the minds of your ideal consumers.

The top goals and outcomes of Brand Awareness campaigns include:

  1. Increasing brand recognition, reach, and exposure
  2. Increasing engagement with branded content
  3. Delivering brand values and personality through creative and effective storytelling
  4. Capturing the attention of your target audience
  5. Generating online interest surrounding your brand

Factors to note before you start any Brand Awareness influencer campaign:

Although requiring good qualitative attributes of influencers might seem like a no-brainer for any influencer campaign, it’s especially important for Brand Awareness campaigns because you are effectively giving the influencers the responsibility to convey your brand message to their audience on your behalf.

This is no easy task. Compared to a campaign focused on promoting an event or product for example, brand awareness ranks riskier in the impact it can create. So when it’s time to select influencers for this campaign type, remember that it has high impact potential that can go both ways.

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The Ideal Influencer for Brand Awareness Campaigns

To safely and effectively reach your brand awareness goals with an influencer marketing campaign while avoiding the risk of negative impact, we recommend that you find and communicate with influencers who have these attributes:

  1. A proven skill in representing your brand’s key messaging and incorporating it into their social media content seamlessly
  2. A proven track record of successful collaborations with other brands
  3. Excellent communication skills and a reasonable response rate (this will become a vital skill as the campaign progresses)
  4. An ability to engage with their audience and potentially respond to inquiries and questions on your brand’s behalf
  5. A highly engaged audience, backed by both analytics and observation
  6. An audience demographic and psychographic that matches who your brand ideally want recognition and familiarity from

Bonus points if they have these attributes:

  1. Similar aesthetics and visuals to your brand or social media pages
  2. A personality that matches your ideal customer’s

We also recommend that you avoid influencers who have these attributes:

  1. A recent (30 days ago or less) collaboration with a brand competitor
  2. A reputation of inappropriate content or behaviour with their audience or other brands
  3. A high number of followers with a very low engagement rate
  4. Content that is inconsistent or confusing (i.e. content with no clear theme or vision)
  5. Content with many bot comments and little interaction from real people

Embold’s disruptive technology and highly effective team of campaign managers can help you avoid any of the above risks and help you find the most suitable influencers for your brand awareness campaign.

The Embold platform technology also allows you to filter through influencer attributes and communicate with them about their content in one place, so you don’t have to worry about any influencers representing your key messaging inaccurately!

Sign up with Embold today so you can sit back and relax while your key messaging is turned into emotionally appealing and engaging content and shared with the exact eyes you want on your brand.

Launch an influencer strategy with minimal work using Managed Campaigns 

The Embold campaign management team will do all of the heavy lifting while keeping you engaged to ensure your campaign is seamlessly launched.

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